Welcome back to Game of Who. So you decided to come back for more? Well, in case you don’t know, we’re the podcast with the technology to spoil all your little Game of Thrones and Doctor Who episodes. This week we break down “The Rings of Akhaten” and “Dark Wings, Dark Words”.


“The Rings of Akhaten”


“Dark Wings, Dark Words”


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 Docotr WHO First impressions:

  • An alright episode, not nearly as fun as last week’s.

  • The Alian Casbah was pretty cool, I wanna see more of that

  • I liked the little intro as to how Oswin came to be. Gives the new companion a bit more depth… Even if she’s still as relatable as an ironing board.

  • Granddaughter? First mention in the new WHO?

  • Like that the Doctor is doing the homework on the new companion

  • Ah, another monster of the week episode

  • Liked the Doctors speech at the end


Doctor WHO

  • “SHE’S IMPOSSIBLE”  Oh Doctor, how many times have you said that and have been proven horribly wrong


    • I think the power of Metal would be more effective against the giant sun god thing

      • The Whole Leaf thing looks more like a retcon pulled out of a dalek’s ass than anything else.

        • It’s like they were watching the show after they’d sent it out and were like “Oh shi- Time Lord DNA being the bee’s knees all up in this place, we need to find a way to destroy that leaf before we’re forced to acknowledge it.”

  • I guess the one big problem I had was that the TARDIS doesn’t like Oswin but when it came to Billie Piper, it gave her omnipotence over time and space.

  • Was the TARDIS’ translation matrix FKN broken?

  • Still hating on the interior

  • So, the space scooter comes with its own oxygen atmosphere?

GOT First impressions:

  • There we go, there may have been no boobs, but at least we got a good look at where most protagonists are right now.

  • Love the ending “What are you doing with a Stark bitch?!”

  • All I keep thinking is “Man, that cliffhanger is gonna be a biiiiiiiiiitch”\

  • Man, Brienne doesn’t make good decisions

  • As a cello player that intro still gives me full-metal nerd chills

  • Loved the buddy cop action between Brienne of Tarth and the King Slayer \m/

  • Wanted to slap Joffrey in the first 15 minutes


GOT Problems:

  • Creepy kid comes along and we’re just supposed to take it?

  • Joffrey isn’t as much of a dick anymore now that he’s being manipulated by Margaery and that kinda makes me angry. Sansa is still the same wimp, though… Good on them there!

    • Well I think that’s the point.  He’s stupid.   But he’s a bit sick in the noggin.  Gotta a bit of a Jeffrey (or should I say Joffrey, do ho ho ho) Dahmer thing going

  • Decided lack of boobs.

  • The whole arrow in the sky “move” thing. Physics do not work that way!

    • It’s like the JFK assassination, there was more than one shooter!

  • No walkers and ot giants